Nate Williams

Ideas for Generating Ideas

The amazing Illustrator Nate Williams shares his ideas for creating ideas 🙂

Here is the breakdown of his awesome list:

Idea Categories
Juxtapose / Context
Word Play /Rhymes / Puns /etc
Physical Characteristics
Non-Physical Characteristics
Comparison / Analogy
Can/Can’t and Is/Isn’t
Time / Consequence
Irony / Expectations / Literal Meaning / etc



More suggestions for creative blocks
What works for you? Leave your suggestions in the comments

  • change of environment (take a random bus)
  • exercise (run, bike, walk, gym, yoga, etc)
  • notice the mundane – listen to something new, read something new, eat something new, try something new, buy different brands (toothpaste, soap,etc), use your opposite hand to do common tasks
  • have a conversation with an old friend, a new friend, a strangers, etc
  • wake up at a different time, go to bed at a different time
  • look through old photos and sketchbooks