Assignment Four

Playing Cards Examples

Here are some examples I found here
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These cards where designed by one of my students, Michelle Merlin

Assignment Four

Assignment Four / Playing card

Students must use Illustrator or Photoshop to execute their playing card. 

Using Illustrator students will design a playing card or tarot card. Students will work in groups to complete this assignment, cards illustrated in groups must feel like they belong together. Students will pick from either one of the face cards. Students are encouraged to think about how they might creatively update the look of the playing card and add their own personal voice to the design. Although students are encouraged to think about designing clever ways to create a symmetrical design without making it obviously mirrored right smack at a line in the middle. Think about the design of playing cards. Study some old playing cards (and new ones) and look at all of the wonderful linear design and patterned elements. Final cards must also include at least three different patterns created in Illustrator.


This is the final project. However the student wishes to approach this project and complete it is up to them.


Illustration topics explored:

Patterns, symmetry, line



• 20 rough thumbnail ideas from which 3 rough sketches to be developed and reviewed with instructor and class for selection. Illustrations must include at least three patterns and top to bottom symmetry.

• 1 final sketch tightened up and finalized from approved rough sketch

• Size: actual size of playing card set” must have a full mockup for the final

• Work in CMYK color mode

• Turn in final eps and PDF files saved and named accordingly: YourName_playingcard.filetype (with numbers for versioning: 01, 02, etc)

• Finished illustration must be printed for critique as a mockup.

Assignment Three

Tolerable System Fonts

Here is a great link to which system fonts to use specially if you got limited typography knowledge. My best recommendation is when you can make your own type 🙂

The A list: Gen­er­ally tol­er­a­ble
Avenir (Mac) ★
Baskerville (Mac) ★
Bell MT ★
Cal­i­forn­ian FB ★
Cal­isto MT ★
Cen­tury School­book ★
Franklin Gothic ★
Gara­mond ★
Gill Sans ★
Gill Sans MT ★
Goudy Old Style ★
Hoe­fler Text ★


The B list: OK in lim­ited doses
Agency FB
Big Caslon
Bodoni MT
Book An­ti­qua ★
Cal­ibri ★
Can­dara ★
Eras Medium ITC
Fu­tura ★
Glouces­ter MT Ex­tra Cond.
Hel­vetica ★
Hel­vetica Neue ★
High Tower Text ★
Mod­ern No. 20
Palatino ★
Per­petua ★
Se­goe UI ★
Tw Cen MT