Assignment Two, syllabus

Uptaded Syllabus

Comic Strip, Hero or Humor

Probably the widest application of using the Adobe Illustrator pen tool is to create color overlays to black and white, pen and ink cartoon and comic strip illustrations. In this project, students will create a comic strip using their own characters. Comic strips can either be humorous, (funny with a punch line at the end) or they can be superhero (but of the students’ own creation). Comic strips should be well designed, whether they are 2 panels or 4. They should read easily and capture they viewer’s attention.

Students start with a strong, black and white, pen and ink traditional drawing. Students will scan their drawings in, clean them up, and place and compose them in Illustrator. Students will then use the PEN TOOL to create interesting and dynamic shapes to color in their cartoons.

Inspired by these illustrators:
Cedric Hondstadt, Polly Guo, Yuko Shimizu, Scott Kurtz, Bill Watterson

Digital Topics Introduced:
Bezier curves, pen tool, clipping masks, color, how to properly scan, file resolution, color modes, adjustment layers, printing from RMCAD

Illustration topics explored:
Sequential panel layout design
Flush mounting techniques
Color management


  • One black and white, pen and ink drawing, scanned, and placed into Illustrator
  • 25 sketch ideas to start the project. Play around with different points of view, unique perspectives, strong silhouettes, story-telling etc. Sketches should demonstrate a progression of thought.
  • 2 finished storyboards in comp form (one for values, one for color)
  • Illustrator paths should be clean and smooth, demonstrating a strong understanding of the Bezier curve
  • Turn in final illustrator file (*.ai) plus all linked files to dropbox for grading.
  • Files should be named accordingly: YourName_Hero-Humor.filetype
  • Illustrator artboard size: 10” x 8” horizontal or vertical,
  • work in CMYK color mode
  • Black and white line art to be scanned in at size at 600 ppi

Finished illustration printed and flush mounted on black Matte board