Assignment Three

Assignment Three Poster

Climate Victory

The fossil fuel industry may have a head start, but climate hawks have momentum in the fight against climate change.

Climate Victory is a crowdsourced campaign enlisting artists and designers from across the country to illustrate the battles we’re winning in the fight to decarbonize our world and defeat climate change. These reimagined World War II-style propaganda posters are powerful messages to spread as we gain ground in the fight to save our way of life.

Climate Victory is a collaboration between, Marcacci Communications, Green Patriot Posters, and the Creative Action Network. We started with rooftop solar, wind farms, KeystoneXL, and fossil fuel divestment, but you can enlist in the fight by submitting a design showing what winning climate victory means to you. Checkout’s website for some information to inform your design.

All designs that meet the requirements below will be included and all designs will be available to download, print, and share. Prints will also be available; for every poster sold, you will receive 40% of all revenue after costs.

If you have any questions or need feedback on your work, please email us at


  • Be 18” by 12” (horizontally oriented) at a resolution of 300dpi (3600 by 5400 pixels).
  • Depict what winning Climate Victory means to you.
  • Represent empowerment and self-motivation towards climate solutions (i.e. “Take action!”)
  • Be positive and inspirational with one tagline
  • Be inspired by the general World War II propaganda poster theme.
  • Be full bleed (no margins or borders)
  • Keep a safe area of at least 1″ on all sides (do not place text too close to the edge)
  • Be RGB
  • Use your own illustrations, images or those that you have permission to use.




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